Meet the Flints
Damian and Sue, along with their two sons Matthew and Daniel, are the next generations of the Flint family to carry on their business from the property “Rostrevor”. The property was purchased in 1907 and is situated in the Coonawarra region, located in the Limestone Coast area of South East, South Australia.
Damian and Sue have three children, all of whom are married, and who have eight grandchildren between them.
Right: Damian Flint
Damian and Sue ran the property since the early seventies, with Damian only being away for a period at boarding school and a year away jackarooing.
In late 2015 Damian and Sue moved in to Penola to make way for the next generation to take up residence at “Rostrevor”.
Matthew, who first studied viticulture at Penola High and then spent several years finishing those studies in the Barossa, is our viticulturalist and Vineyard manager. Matt handles all things viticulture as well as helping with general farm work.
Younger son Daniel spent a number of years working as a cellar hand in a nearby winery, before also coming home to work. Daniel handles all things stock wise, as well as overseeing the cropping share farming and being our general repair man and “Mr. Fixit”.
Damian handles the wine side of the business, with plenty of help from his sons and wife Sue who handles the business books with a watchful and careful presence.
All in all, an active family involvement.